Look At The Shocking Thing She Did After I Released Inside Her Mouth

Hi guys,

I just got this mail and decided to share with you all.



Dear Dan,

This my new girl has been surprising me with weird things every time we have sex. Last time she told me to pee inside her ‘Toto’ in which I did after much pleading ..

Though I really enjoy watching the site of everything that happened at that moment. I think she really loves my sexual moves because I normally bang her like there’ll be no tomorrow esp. when I suck and lick her pussy

Her pussy is black and hairy, the pussy lips is something I can’t take my eyes off without bending my head to suck and eat the meat. Well, I love her a lot.

So we went in again this morning, after fucking for long without cumming, she thought of helping me with a Mouth Action in which I never resisted

After sucking and swallowing my PEN, tormenting the tip of my PEN with her Pierced tongue. I finally released the juice ‘Mistakenly’ into her mouth..

I felt so ashamed as I didn’t tell her earlier that it was coming, but instead of her to spew it out quickly, she started laughing …

I asked her where the cum in her mouth was, and she boldly told me that it’s inside her belly..

chisos! I got shocked.

I was damn afraid cos the whole thing was so irritating .. I asked her why she did it and till now she hasn’t told me anything.

she’s taking everything I ask her for a joke. So that is why I’m here to seek for your advise to know the repercussion of what she did and why she did it.”

Kindly keep me anonymous. Thanks

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